Top 5 Reining Sires of 2020

Top 5 Reining Sires of 2020

These are the leading reining sires of 2020. Find the top bloodlines dominating the sport of reining.

Gunnatrashya (Credit: courtesy of QStallions)

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When a well-bred and flashy reiner walks into the reining pen, the judges can’t help but perk up and wonder, “Can that horse do what it looks like it can do?” These reining sires can certainly do that and much more with athleticism, heart, good conformation and the ability to pass all of these qualities on to their offspring. 

These statistics, powered by the American Quarter Horse Association’s QData, were compiled from January 1 to December 31, 2020. The figures represent offspring earnings, number of money earners, average earnings and each sire’s leading money earner for 2020.

Here are the top reining sires of 2020 who are passing on their superior pedigree:

5. Magnum Chic Dream 

1996 sorrel (Smart Chic Olena-Sailin Barbee by Topsail Cody)
Owner: Viola Scott
Offspring Earnings: $553,820
Money Earners: 211
Average Earnings: $8,125
No. 1 Money Earner: Thee American Dream, 2017 sorrel stallion out of Gunner Git Ya Dun by Colonels Smoking Gun (aka "Gunner") , $102,261



Magnum Chic Dream


4. Spooks Gotta Whiz

2007 bay (Spooks Gotta Gun-Prettywhizprettydoes by Topsail Whiz)
Owner: Michell Anne Kimball
Offspring Earnings: $650,973
Money Earners: 109
Average Earnings: $5,972
No. 1 Money Earner: Spooks Gotta Crush, 2015 bay stallion out of Megas Sugar Baby by Marthas Mega Jac, $73,4063.



Spooks Gotta Whiz 

3. Gunners Special Nite

2004 sorrel (Colonels Smoking Gun-Mifs Doll by Mifillena)
Owner: Turnabout Farm Inc.
Offspring Earnings: $655,128
Money Earners: 174
Average Earnings: $3,765
No. 1 Money Earner: Shining At Nite, 2017 bay gelding out of A Shining Sidekick by Starbucks Sidekick, $59,235

2. Gunnatrashya

2006 sorrel (Colonels Smoking Gun-Natrasha by Trashadeous) 

Owner: Arcese Quarter Horses USA

Offspring Earnings: $782,025
Money Earners: 236
Average Earnings: $3,314
No. 1 Money Earner: Gunnabebigtime, 2017 chestnut stallion out of Big Time Jazzy by Shine Big Time, $134,714




1. Colonels Smoking Gun (aka "Gunner")

1993 chestnut (Colonelfourfreckle-Katie Gun by John Gun)
Owner: McQuay Stables Inc.
Offspring Earnings: $796,321
Money Earners: 148
Average Earnings: $5,381
No. 1 Money Earner: All Bettss Are Off, 2017 sorrel stallion out of Wimpys Little Chic by Wimpys Little Step, $281,311



Colonels Smoking Gun (aka "Gunner") 

Sons of "Gunner" on

Colonels Shining Gun

(out of Shining Little Peach by Shining Spark)

Gunners Tinseltown 

(out of Miss Tinseltown by Great Red Pine)


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