Using the New FAQs

Using the New FAQs

Up-to-date information on current technical challenges and how to avoid long hold times.

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Thank you for your patience as we work through initial challenges and bugs with our new AQHA database and the new We are all experiencing dramatic change designed in response to meeting today’s member needs. The internal rollout of the new system went smoothly, however, there will always be challenges in any new system, and we are working hard to fix problems as they arise. 

While what you see is the website, we have also modernized a 1990 database platform that is connected to the website. This was an overwhelming task as our system houses more than 500 million data records. This database conversion allows us to use a more modernized system as the foundation of all future projects. 

Our goal is for AQHA to have the best breed system out there. This takes time, so please bear with us, as we move into this new era.

We want you to be part of the process and help us manage necessary changes. What challenges are you having with the new  We need your help and input to make sure any concerns are brought to our attention and addressed not only to meet your needs but to benefit other members as well. We are committed to providing you the best system and website possible and need your input to make that happen. 

Visit this page and let us know where you are experiencing challenges.

Are you having technical issues? Logins and member site records continue to be a challenge. We are working to resolve the issues. In the interim, if you need a record immediately, please call Customer Care at 806-376-4811.

I called AQHA Customer Care for help and was put on hold for a long time. Why is this happening? Due to the large volume of calls AQHA Customer Care is receiving, hold times may be longer than usual. For the quickest call back, we recommend using the virtual call back option when it is offered by the phone system. This allows you to avoid waiting on a long hold; the virtual call back will allow you to confirm your phone number and then hang up while keeping your place in line. Additionally, the large call volumes may increase the length of time before you receive a call back. We appreciate your patience as we try to accommodate all of our members and their needs at this time.

How do I sign in to the new website? If you had an account on the old, you can sign into the new with the same username and password If you forgot your username or password, there are links provided on the login screen to help you reset. If you did not have an account on the old, you can create a profile and link your AQHA Membership ID(s) to your account. If you did not have an account, read this to learn more about how to create a new account. If you need assistance creating a profile, read this

If I had a login on the old, do I need to create a new account on the new website? No need for a new account! Your old account information transferred over to the new site. Go ahead and sign in with your old credentials. If you did not have an account on the old, you can create an account, create a profile and link your AQHA Membership ID(s) to your account. If you have any problems, contact Customer Care at or 806-376-4811. 

You may want to edit or add a profile. Learn more about How to Create and Edit Your Profile.

What if I have multiple memberships? You have the ability to associate all of your membership IDs under one account. To learn more, check out the Create an Account and Create a Profile blogs and videos. 

Why did you get rid of the $10 of free records each month? To give members more access to records, we replaced the free $10 in records each month with various free records with unlimited accessibility to all AQHA members. Moving forward we will offer promotional and free records each month. There is not a $10 limit for the free records offered each month.

Genetic panel test results are accessible as a part of a horse’s record. This information is part of the Master Registration record to allow you the freedom of accessing at your convenience.

What’s new on The redesign includes:

  • Ability to pay invoices online.
  • Option to view pending work received and transaction history.
  • Improved search capabilities.
  • Improved navigation and easier ways to find what you’re looking for.
  • Mobile-device friendliness.
  • New content, such as a timed-event section.
  • Translated navigation in six languages.
  • Searchable calendar of events.

To read even more about the new website, check this out

What are the Quick Links? On the top right of, there is a gray bar with the words “Quick Links.” Clicking here will open a menu with some of the most popular items searched for on The Quick Links menu gives you one-click access to:


What can I expect from the newly improved website?

  • The new AQHA website offers a refreshed and personalized experience, complete with enhanced features to better meet the needs of the American Quarter Horse community worldwide.
  • Behind the scenes, a new database system allows the website to provide more online interaction with members and customers. Online access to information and online transactions are made simpler with this new technology. AQHA members will now be able to pay invoices, see transaction history and view pending work simply by logging into their account. 
  • Additionally, AQHA international members now have the ability to translate the website’s navigation into one of six different languages.

Can I save a credit card to my account so that I don’t have to provide the number each time? Yes! You can save payment methods to your AQHA account and pay for work on all associated memberships. Check out the Create an Account and Create a Profile blogs and videos.

I am having trouble finding things on the new The improvements to the website should help you find things more easily without having to always use the search function. The navigation of the new website was developed through thorough testing with members like you. To learn more about the new navigation options, check out this At Your Service blog.  

If you were very comfortable using the old website, we realize the new site may seem confusing. But as you spend more time on the new, we hope you will find it simpler to navigate.

Where do I find information on Leveling? Where is “Find Your Level”? If you are looking specifically for information on Leveling, it can be accessed To find Leveling in the navigation, hover over Disciplines, then Showing, then Programs, then click AQHA Leveling Program. There you will be able to access Find Your Level, which is a function within AQHA Services. 

You may also access Find Your Level at Sign in, then scroll down to the Showing section. The first link is Find Your Level. 

Note: You can sign in with the login credentials you used on the old website. But if you did not have an account on the old website. You’ll need to create one. Here’s how to do it.  

What if I can’t figure out how to do what I need to do on the improved website? First, we suggest checking out the archive of AQHA At Your Service blogs at, where you will find how-to articles and videos for using the new and AQHA Services site. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can contact AQHA using the contact form at or call Customer Care by phone at 806-376-4811. 

I had bookmarked and now the link won’t work? If you had saved as a bookmark or favorite, you may need to close and reopen your browser to access the new website. 

If you had specific pages from the old website bookmarked, there is a chance that link may not work now. Popular links like,, or were transferred to the new site and continue to work.

I am trying to find specific sections of, for example the Show Leaders Lists, by using Google search and it keeps taking me to a broken link. The new website was deployed on Sunday, March 3, and it may take a week or longer for the Google search function to work properly. This has to do with website indexing that happens anytime a new site is launched and it is out of AQHA’s control. 

Show Leaders lists are available at Remember, access to these lists is a member benefit, so you’ll need to sign into the website to  access them. 

Before AQHA switched to the new database and website, I had money in my AQHA Records Research account. Now it’s not there. Will I get it back?  Yes, that money will be put on your AQHA account. AQHA’s team is working on moving that money over from the old system to the new system. Since the records process has changed, the credit cannot be used for orders online, but once we have it credited to your account, it can be used for work received in the office, or we can refund it to you.