Virtual AQHA Members Services

Virtual AQHA Members Services

AQHA is offering AQHA members in Mexico virtual AQHA On-Site Member Services with the AQHA International and the Member Experience teams March 11 and 12.

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The American Quarter Horse Association International Department and the AQHA Member Experience teams will be processing AQHA paperwork online through one-hour video calls via Microsoft Teams for AQHA members in Mexico, by appointment only March 11 and 12 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central. The AQHA International Department is pleased to offer this service in partnership with AQHA’s recognized affiliate in Mexico, Asociación Mexicana de Criadores y Caballistas de Caballos Quart de Milla A.C.


The AQHA services offered during this virtual event include:

  • Check the status of pending AQHA paperwork.

  • Buy or renew an AQHA membership.

  • Transfer a horse, no matter how many owners, for only $25 USD per horse. *

  • Receive first-time access to educational guides in Spanish that will help you complete your AQHA paperwork.

* Prices for AQHA members

About AQHA International

The AQHA International Department serves and supports international members and affiliate organizations through the implementation of innovative programs and services that accommodate a diverse set of needs to enhance the value of maintaining AQHA membership globally. To learn more, visit