angle-left Buying Your Perfect Horse

Buying Your Perfect Horse

Learn what to consider when looking for your "one and only" American Quarter Horse.

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From The American Quarter Horse Journal

If you're considering buying a horse, your options are unlimited. In the age of information overload, it's easy to become overwhelmed and let your emotions take control, instead of making a sound purchasing decision on the right horse for your needs and wants.

Horse enthusiast Randee Fox provides the following tips to help you break through the clutter and find your "one and only" American Quarter horse.

When looking for the right horse, consider the following sources:

  • Consult an AQHA Professional Horseman.
  • Ask the seller many questions, including whether he or she has the horse's original registration certificate.
  • Visit the horse and make sure he is in good health and suits the purpose you have in mind. Be sure to note his personality. Does it compliment your own?
  • Assess his performance, handling and ground manners. Have the handler or seller work with the horse first. If you're buying him for a special purpose, be sure to have the handler or seller show you the horse's abilities.
  • Take a test ride. Determine if the horse performs for you as well as for the original handler.
  • Ask to see the registration certificate, and verify that the horse and description match.
  • Get a pre-purchase examination. Be sure the horse has current Coggins papers, and find out when the horse was last vaccinated and dewormed.
  • Negotiate the price somewhere within 5 to 15 percent of the asking price.
  • Bring along a more experienced horse person if you can. Find an AQHA Professional Horseman in your area.

Note: If the horse performs much better for the handler than you, he might require a more advanced rider. If you buy him, you might need more training to ride him successfully. Decide how much of a challenge you want.