Youth Art Show: Resources

Youth Art Show: Resources

Use these resources to help create your American Quarter Horse artwork!

Approved American Quarter Horse Conformation and Colors:



  • The Quarter Horse, Bob Denhardt, AQHA, 1941
  • The Quarter Horse Volume II, Bob Denhardt and Helen Michaelis, AQHA, 1945
  • The Colonial Quarter Race Horse, Alexander MacKay-Smith, Helen Kleberg Groves, 1983
  • Horses Horses Horses Horses, by Paul Hamlyn, Westbook House, 1962


The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum invited artists to lead discussion on art techniques and how to accurately depict an animal, such as the Quarter Horse.

Click on the artists name to hear them share tips and tricks on their artwork and how they were able to pursue an art career. 

Edgar Sotelo


Tyler Crow


Jack Sorenson


Tammy Lynne Penn


Randy Friemel