Youth World Championships by Horse

Youth World Championships by Horse

The Journal has tracked down the American Quarter Horses with the most youth world championships.

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By Becky Newell

AQHA has always tracked the number of world championships by horse for the AQHA World Championship Show Program, but now that we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the AQHYA World Championship Show, it’s time to look at the horses who’ve won the most youth world titles. These statistics are for Level 3 world championships earned throughout the 50 years of the Youth World. Many of these horses also had successful open and amateur careers before, during or after their youth careers.

Take three-time AQHA Superhorse Acadamosby Award, for example, who amassed 21 AQHA open, amateur and youth world championships. “Oscar” has gold globes in hunter under saddle, hunter hack, pleasure driving, working hunter and equitation over fences during his show career from 1993-2004. He earned 714.5 youth points, 801.5 open points and 284.5 amateur points. Of the total 1,800.5 points he earned, 1,791 of those were in performance classes. He won the coveted Superhorse title in 1998, 2000 and 2001. By Mosby and out of Madcap Maggie, Oscar at 32 is living his best life at Highpoint Performance Horses in Pilot Point, Texas. 

“I can’t even put into words how special he is to us,” says AQHA Professional Horseman Charlie Cole who co-owns Highpoint with AQHA Professional Horseman Jason Martin. “He retired sound and healthy at 14. He has a big treat bucket in front of his stall, and everyone loves on him.” Oscar was bred by Jamee L. Golan Bornstein of East Troy, Wisconsin, and is owned by Chelsea Knox of San Clemente, California.

Here are tidbits of trivia about some of the other horses on this list:

Leading with nine youth world titles, Bowmans Dry Mate (at left) was piloted to these awards by brothers Josh and Bryce Briggs. "Bobo" also had two youth reserve world championships in breakaway roping and one in heeling, and was the 2010 reserve world champion in senior heeling with AQHA Professional Horseman C. R. Bradley. The 1999 palomino gelding by Smart Mate and out of Dry Fancy by Dry Doc earned 222 open and 85.5 youth performance points in his career. The now-23-year-old gelding was bred by Roland Bowman of Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and is still owned by Bryce Briggs of Pilot Point, Texas. Bobo is semi-retired, Bryce reports, but still gets ridden a couple times a week and also packs beginning riders around for riding lessons.

Speaking of the Briggs family, John Briggs (dad to Josh and Bryce) rode Mr Bueno Dial Bar to youth world championships in trail and western riding in 1986 and 1988. HIs brother Peter won trail with Mr Bueno Dial Bar at the 1990 AQHYA World. The 1976 buckskin gelding was by Bright Dial Bar and out of Queen Windy by Irish Breeze. He was bred by Debra Ward of Bosque Farms, New Mexico, and was owned by Peter Briggs of Pilot Point, Texas. Mr Bueno Dial Bar had open, amateur and youth AQHA Superiors in trail, earned 375.5 performance points in all divisions and was the 1986 reserve world champion in senior trail.

In a career that spanned three decades, Guns Flash Bull (at left) epitomized the versatility of the American Quarter Horse. His honors include 10 AQHA world championships, six reserve world championships, 116 all-around titles, 23 reserve all-around titles, 3,351.5 performance points, 51.5 halter points, 10 high-point awards, 11 performance Registers of Merit, 22 performance Superior Awards, one halter ROM and 16 grand championships. He was a prize for the Kaplow family of Chappaqua, New York.

How about Doc’s Haida, who won three consecutive youth cutting world titles (1976-78), then turned around and won the youth western pleasure world championship in 1979? All of these titles were won with Reid Bruce in the saddle (at right). Foaled in 1969, the royally bred Doc Bar mare was out of Teresa Tivio, who was by Poco Tivio, and passed through the hands of Dr. Stephen Jensen, Doc Bar’s owner, before landing with the Bruce family. The open AQHA Champion was bred by Arnold Dolcini Jr. of Petaluma, California, and owned by Norman Bruce of Rutledge, Georgia. Doc’s Haida also was the non-pro reserve champion in the 1974 National Cutting Horse Association Finals. Doc’s Haida produced 10 foals, three by Peppy San Badger, five by Freckles Playboy and one each by Docs Sugs Brudder and Squeak Toy. Her foals earned $939,798 in NCHA competition. Her highest-earning foal was Haidas Little Pep, who was by Peppy San Badger and won $425,174 in cutting competition. Haidas Little Pep was the reserve champion at the 1983 NCHA Futurity, won the 1986 NCHA Finals and was the 1986 NCHA reserve world champion.

Do you have memories associated with the horses on this list or about the AQHYA World Championship Show? Email them to Becky Newell.

Bowmans Dry Mate, 9 
Tie-down roping 2012, '15, '16 
Heading 2016-17 
Heeling 2013, 2015-17

Classiest Jet Yet, 6 
Barrel racing 1993-95 
Stake race 1992, 1994-95 

Acadamosby Award, 6 
Hunter under saddle 1997-98 
Working hunter 2004 
Hunter hack 2004 
Equitation over fences 2004 
Hunt seat equitation 2004 

Jazzy Little Lena, 6 
Tie-down roping 2000-02 
Heading 1998-99, '01

Harley D Zip, 6 
Western riding 2004, 2006-10

CD Dee Vee Dee, 6 
Boxing 2014 
Working cow horse 2015-2018, 2020 

Cant Skippa Blaze, 5 
Tie-down roping 2006, '08, '10 
Heading 2007-08 

Surprizentheprincess, 5 
Performance halter mares 2014, '20 
Reining 2016 
14-18 Ranch riding 2019-20

Mytesly, 5 
Performance halter geldings 2016-2020 

Mr Marco Twist, 4 
Showmanship 1986-87 
Horsemanship 1987 
Western riding 1987 

Doc's Haida, 4
Cutting 1976-78
Western pleasure 1979

Pocos Mesa, 4
Hunt seat equitation 1984
Horsemanship 1984
Western riding 1990, '93

Guns Flash Bull, 4
Hunter under saddle 1989, '90 
Hunter hack 1989 
Hunt seat equitation 1989 

Miss Querida McCue, 4 
Stake race 1990 
Pole bending 1990, '93, '95

We Be Jettin, 4
Showmanship 1997, '99
Horsemanship 1998-99 

Flamingo Bay, 4 
Working hunter 1998-99 
Equitation over fences 1998, 2000 

Keepin The Image, 4 
Working hunter 2001, 2003 
Equitation over fences 2002 
Hunter hack 2003
Majestic Scotch, 4 
Western riding 2003, '05 
Western pleasure 2005, '06 

Twothousand Model Te, 4 
Jumping 2009, '11, '14 
Equitation over fences 2014 

RPL My Te Cheerful, 4 
Aged geldings 2009-10, '12, '15 

Smart Fancy Cutter, 4
Heading 2013
Heeling 2011, '14
Breakaway roping 2014

Onlythebestchocolate, 4
Performance halter mares 2013, 15-17

Pacnhowietothebar, 4 
Stake race 2015, '16, '19, '21

Trouble With Kate, 4 
Breakaway roping 2016-17 
Tie-down roping 2017-18

Chocolate Smoki, 3
Bridle path hack hunt seat 1975
Hunt seat 1976
Western pleasure 1976

Tom Raffles, 3
Showmanship 1977
Horsemanship 1977
Hunt seat equitation 1977

Come Qua, 3 
Hunt seat equitation 1979 
Hunter hack 1982, 1983 

Mr MBJ West, 3 
2-year-old geldings 1980 
3-year-old geldings 1981 
Aged geldings 1983 

Hy Berry, 3
Aged geldings 1981-82, '84

Band Jack, 3
Trail 1982-84

Okie Star Dude, 3
Stake race 1982, '84
Barrel racing 1984

Shesa Special Glo, 3
Hunt seat equitation 1983
Hunter under saddle 1983
Showmanship 1984

Harlan Sport, 3
Breakaway roping 1984
Tie-down roping 1985, '87

Stark By Four, 3
Heading 1985
Tie-down roping 1986 
Breakaway roping 1986

Mr Bueno Dial Bar, 3
Trail 1986, 1990
Western riding 1988

Water Loo Breeze, 3
Stake race 1988-89
Barrel racing 1989

Kinda Impress Two, 3
2-year-old geldings 1988
3-year-old geldings 1989
Aged geldings 1991

Cant Stop Styling, 3 
Yearling geldings 1989 
Aged geldings 1993-94 

Mr Joe Will, 3 
2-year-old geldings 1989 
3-year-old geldings 1990 
Aged geldings 1992

Modern Rival, 3
Hunt seat equitation 1990-91
Showmanship 1991

Mister Royal Three, 3
Working cow horse 1991-93

Go Beau Man Go, 3
Working hunter 1992
Hunter hack 1992-93

Smooth Bar Money, 3
Breakaway roping 1993, '95
Tie-down roping 1996

Rockin Da Nite Array, 3
Yearling gelding, 1993
2-year-old geldings 1994
Aged geldings 1996

Docs Vegas Ann, 3
Team Penning 1995, '98, '99

A Double Dose Of Mr, 3
Yearling geldings 1996
2-year-old geldings 1997
3-year-old geldings 1998

Oka Dee, 3
Barrel racing 1997-99

Lope On In, 3
Western riding 1999, 01
Trail 2000

Zippo LTD, 3
Trail 1999
Western riding 2002
Showmanship 2003

Mr Little Brown Jug, 3
Stake race 2000
Pole bending 2000-01

Good N Busy, 3
Heeling 2000
Heading 2002, '05

Tuff At Last, 3
Aged geldings 2002-04

JD Heckle, 3
Heeling 2002, '04
Tie-down roping 2005

Ms Entitlement, 3 
Yearling fillies 2002 
2-year-old mares 2003 
3-year-old mares 2004 

The Coolest Te, 3
Aged geldings 2005-07

Must Be A Detail, 3 
Hunter under saddle 2006, 2009, 2010 

Royality In Blue, 3 
Hunt seat equitation 2006, 2007 
Hunter hack 2007 

Ms Royal Hickory Rey, 3
Team penning 2006, '08, '09

A Certain Vino, 3 
Western pleasure 2007, 2009, 2010 

Smooth San, 3
Pole bending 2008-10

Annacanapana, 3
Team penning 2008-09
Ranch sorting 2008

Shes Got The Blue, 3
Equitation over fences 2008
Working hunter 2008, '10

Javah Mon, 3
Hunt seat equitation 2009-10, '12 

Imasgoodasitgets, 3
Hunter hack 2009
Equitation over fences 2013
Hunt seat equitation 2014

Its My Lucky Detail, 3
Working hunter 2011
Jumping 2015
Equitation over fences 2015

Into The Blue, 3
Hunter hack 2012-14

Blazinmytroublesaway, 3
Western riding 2014-16

BMQ Stop For Traffic, 3
Hunt Seat Equitation 2016
14-18 Hunt Seat Equitation 2019-20

Al E Hondro, 3
Hunter hack 2017, 2019
Working hunter 2017

RC Smart Katz, 3
Ranch sorting 2017
Team penning 2017, '19

Too Blazin Cool, 3
Hunter under saddle 2017
14-18 Hunter under saddle 2018, '21

Classic Circle, 3
Equitation over fences 2018
Hunter hack 2018
Working hunter 2019

Shes That Radiant, 3
Yearling fillies 2018
2-year-old mares 2019
3-year-old mares 2020

My Secret Past, 3
Equitation over fences 2019, '21
Working hunter 2021

Shameles, 3
Aged mares 2019-21