angle-left VRH Open Junior World Champion

VRH Open Junior World Champion

Seven S Woodrow and Ben Baldus repeat as world champions, this time in the VRH junior division for owners Jerry Ward.
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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Seven S Woodrow Pedigree: 2013 sorrel gelding (Woody Be Tuff-Bo Spoon by Mr Sorrel Bo) Breeder: Whitaker Farms Inc. of Kamay, Texas Owner: Jerry B. Ward of Canton, Mississippi Exhibitor: Ben Baldus of Bowie, Texas World Champion Prizes: Gold trophy; sterling-silver buckle by ARC; logoed jacket and world champion patch; hat, courtesy of Shorty’s Caboy Hattery; and neck wreath Reserve World Champion: Addatuddy Merada Nic and Luke Jones Third Place: MC Cowhammer and Trevor Carter