angle-left Zoetis VRH Open Senior World Champion

Zoetis VRH Open Senior World Champion

TRR Lucky Playgun and Tripp Townsend are the 2019 VRH senior world champions.
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Winner Stats

Horse Name: TRR Lucky Playgun Pedigree: 2009 gray gelding (Pepcid-TRR Ms Lucky Gun by Playgun) Breeder: Tongue River Ranch of Paducah, Texas Owner: Tripp Townsend of Earth, Texas Exhibitor: Tripp Townsend World Champion Prizes: Gold trophy; sterling-silver buckle by ARC; logoed jacket and world champion patch; hat, courtesy of Shorty’s Caboy Hattery; and neck wreath Reserve World Champion: Cats Charmin Feather and Ben Baldus Third Place: Lightning Smooth Cat and Rick Chayer