Pick a Trainer You Admire

Orin Barnes

By By Becca Alden
January 22, 2013

Orin Barnes

With only a high school education in hand, in 1975 Orin Barnes, his wife, three kids and two border collies moved to Canyon, Texas. They settled on twenty acres and with a little luck and a whole lot of work, they established Orin Barnes Training.

Orin paid for his place with the horses that he bred, showed, and won. The horse that Orin became well known for was named Tuff Ticket, co-owned by Fabian and Peggy Palitza of Amarillo Texas.

In 1976, he became an AQHA judge and in 1977 an Apha judge. He judged horse shows in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Germany, England, Mexico and Panama; along with judging numerous world shows for AQHA and APHA.

Orin has been lead down many roads of opportunity to see different ways to train and show. But, mostly he has learned to give respect and appreciation to the people that have dedicated their life to showing and training horses of any discipline in the horse business.

In addition, he trains Border collies; starting with a border collie he got named Shi in 1965. He was the greatest dog to work cattle and baby sit kids. Going to dog trails was a test of staying on track with the right breeding program for this great breed. He has been fortunate enough to own and to train several dogs that received high point dog and dog of the year awards.