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AQHA's award-winning magazine is one of your many member benefits.

America's Horse magazine is one of AQHA members' favorite member benefits. Don’t miss out on this amazing resource, offered to you 10 times a year.*

Start learning more about horse health, horse training, trail rides, tack tips, foundation horse bloodlines and people just like you who love their horses.

America’s Horse is filled with informative articles that help you make the most of your experience with horses, whether it’s keeping them healthy, correcting behavior problems or having fun on the trail.

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Receiving America’s Horse is one of the best parts of being an AQHA or AQHYA member! 

The award-winning magazine is the largest equine member publication in the world, reaching 280,000 members 10 times a year.
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A Look Inside of the January 2015 issue of America's Horse magazine:

  • Born in 1940 -- Celebrate 75 years of the American Quarter Horse Association.
  • Birth of a Breed -- Seventy-five years ago, the founders of AQHA gave legitimacy and value to the shadowy Steeldusts. 
  • Share and Share Alike -- This Kansas rancher always makes guests feel welcome as he develops his breeding program.
  • Sweet Daphne -- This racehorse "zooms" on the track and also works with her owner in his mission of helping people.
  • Come to Convention! -- AQHA's annual convention is in March in Fort Worth, Texas. 
  • "It Makes a Lot of Difference" -- Despite a disease that steals many of her abilities, this woman's continued involvement with horses is restorative
  • Soon to Be Famous --From the brushy rolling hills near Guthrie, Texas, to the spotlights of Lexington, Kentucky, 13 American Quarter Horse colts from the Four Sixes Ranch prepare to start traveling down the Road to the Horse.  
  • Horse People -- Meet some amazing American Quarter Horse owners from Arizona, Wisconsin, Maine and Minnesota.
  • Readers Write -- Letters and fun photos from AQHA members
  • Find It in the Journal -- A preview of something for everyone from our sister publication, The American Quarter Horse Journal.
  • Bits & Spurs -- Why do horses yawn? Who comes up with these fun foal names? Get your horsey news, tips and trivia here!
  • Mane Events -- Check out our stable of great corporate partners and see what AQHA events are on deck.
  • Sage Remarks -- Quotes and quips about horses.

Extra Features Included in the January Digital Edition:

  • Watch as the Road to the Horse remuda is selected at the famous Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas. 
  • Ride along with Rex Buchman, featured on Page 24, as he takes America's Horse readers on a trail ride tracing the footsteps of Billy the Kid, and as he hosts a cowgirl cattle drive. 
  • Sage Remarks: A bonus page of catchy horse-related quotes to remember

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