Which membership is right for me?

General Membership

General Membership

  • I have a love and appreciation for all horses
  • I am interested in learning more about the American Quarter Horse
  • My membership will be used primarily for registrations, transfers, etc.
  • I would like to show in the AQHA open division
  • I would like my membership in a individual, joint, farm, ranch, family or business name
Amateur Membership

Amateur Membership

  • I would like to show in the AQHA Amateur Division
  • I have not shown, judged, trained or assisted in training a horse for remuneration
  • The horse I show will be mine or owned by someone in my immediate family or I will have a Showing Lease filed with AQHA
  • I have an AQHA Life Membership but want to show in the Amateur Division
Youth Membership

Youth Membership

  • I want to be a part of the world's largest equine breed youth association
  • I am 18 years or younger as of today
  • I would like to show my horse in AQHA-approved Youth shows
  • I'm interested in activities the American Quarter Horse Youth Association has to offer, like speech and scrapbooking
  • My parents bought me an American Quarter Horse and I want to transfer him into my name