Equine Research

Help the Foundation support equine research.

Since 1960, the American Quarter Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Foundation have been dedicated to help our horses overcome the problems and limitations that defy current scientific understanding. Since that time, the Foundation, thanks in large part to our generous members, has awarded more than $9.5 million in research grants to colleges and universities across the country.

With the complexity and rising cost of research, additional financial support is needed for the healing, curing and well-being of the American Quarter Horse.

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How to Apply

Deadline to apply is December 1. Applicants must download the current research guidelines for a complete list of program criteria. Carefully read all information. Research funding is available through our general, head trauma and young investigator applications.

For more information on how to submit a project proposal to the American Quarter Horse Foundation, contact (806) 378-5029 or foundation@aqha.org.

Get additional information on research funding available through the AAEP Foundation.

Priority Statement

The American Quarter Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Foundation encourage the submission of a diverse range of research projects related to the health, welfare and utility of the horse, and of importance to the horse owner and horse industry. Funding decisions are based on scientific merit, clinical application and or potential benefit to the horse and horse industry.