Because of a Horse

Imagine Kelli, a young preschool age child with Down syndrome unable to run and be part of the activities little girl on a horseon the playground. She’s isolated in her own world and unable to break out of the restrictions of her body and the confusion in her brain. Kelli’s mother is told by her physical therapists that she no longer needs therapy because she is able to walk and move around her classroom. That answer is not good enough for Melanie because “she could not run. She did not need to run in the school, but wouldn’t it be nice if she could keep up with the other kids or at least participate in some of the activities they were doing?”

Within three sessions aboard Jessies Scotch Bar, Kelli was running and has been ever since. Kelli is now 12 and an avid rider at Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy, an EAAT center in Nebraska.

We all know the love we have for our horses and the emotional and physical benefits we enjoy. Just imagine what three rides on an American Quarter Horse can do for other children like Kelli.

Every year, more children and adults with disabilities whose lives, limbs and language are limited are positively impacted by the opportunity to ride a horse. Whether it is autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, Down syndrome, spina bifida or other disability, horses are making a measurable impact on their lives; the American Quarter Horse Foundation and Farnam, AQHA’s corporate partner, are committed to sharing America’s Horse with those who need him.

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