Annual Giving

The Foundation continues to improve the lives of people and horses.

Thanks to generous donors of the American Quarter Horse Foundation Annual Giving Program, the Foundation is improving the lives of horses and people.

By making an annual gift you can be the "ONE" donor to help:

  • provide the aid necessary to help find a cure for the ailments that plague our horses
  • a student with college expenses
  • someone with special needs gain freedom on the back of a horse
  • preserve our past and honor those who came before us

We invite you to learn more about how your annual gift to the American Quarter Horse Foundation makes the biggest impact in meeting these challenges and changes.

There are many ways of giving to the American Quarter Horse Foundation. We invite you to review the list provided and consider an annual gift that is right for you. The Foundation recognizes annual giving at a variety of giving levels.

The American Quarter Horse Foundation is very pleased to offer those who give annual gifts of $1,000 or more (single gift or cumulative calendar year gifts) the opportunity to be members of its Leadership Society.

For more information about The American Quarter Horse Foundation, please call (806)378-5029 or Email foundation@aqha.org


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Quarter Horse Foundation Annual Giving Program?
The American Quarter Horse Foundation Annual Giving Program is an opportunity for all members, no matter what their background, age, socio-economic status or interest, to give in support of the Foundation’s programs. The Annual Giving Campaign seeks to involve, educate and inspire individuals to give on a consistent annual basis. This giving supports the administration of youth scholarships, equine research, America’s Horse Cares – therapeutic riding, and the preservation of the rich heritage of our breed through the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum.

Why does the American Quarter Horse Foundation need Annual Giving? 
Annual Giving allows AQHF the dexterity to offer the exceptional programs and services of the Foundation without cost to the actual program fund. In other words, when a donor specifies their gift to equine research, scholarships, America’s Horse Cares or the Hall of Fame & Museum, 100 percent of their gift goes to that program. No portion is used to help offset the operating expenses of the Foundation.

When people give Annual Gifts, they qualify for a tax refund.  Why?
People get a tax refund for their gift because the American Quarter Horse Foundation is a charitable or nonprofit institution and the government wants to encourage individuals (and corporations and foundations) to support charitable organizations, thereby improving our industry…our community.

Who gives Annual Gifts?
People who care about preserving and improving the future of our industry, our horses, and the people who share their lives with them support AQHF. 

Our donors include:

  • Members and nonmembers who show, race, ranch and ride recreationally
  • Parents of young people who have raised their children on horseback
  • Young people who grew up on the back of an American Quarter Horse and maybe even benefited from a scholarship
  • People who have been in love with horses but have never been blessed with the opportunity to be an owner or are unable to be current owners
  • People who have loved and lost a horse to a disease researchers strive to find a cure for
  • Those whose lives are touched by someone who achieved freedom from a disability on the back of a horse
  • Anyone who loves and admires the American Quarter Horse

How Does the Foundation raise Annual Gifts?
The American Quarter Horse Foundation relies on a combination of direct mail, e-mail, telephone, events, inserted brochures/envelopes in America’s Horse, and personal solicitations to meet its Annual Giving targets each year. You play a vital role in this effort by sharing the message, mission and needs of the Foundation with your friends and family.

For more information about the American Quarter Horse Foundation, please call (806) 378-5029 or Email foundation@aqha.org.