Carole Andreen-Harris

Growing up in horse country, Carole Andreen-Harris was first inspired by a love of horses and became a student of the horse in its varied forms. She has a deep understanding and appreciation for horses that she expresses best through paint, finding a common ground between accuracy and artistic integrity. The equine subject is tackled with the eye of a horse person, the main reason her equine work is well liked among horse people.

An Associate Member of the American Academy of Equine Art and Signature Member of International Equine Artists, she's also a founding member of HeARTists for Horses. In 2012 she was commissioned by Del Mar to paint the $1 million Pacific Classic winner.

Carole lives in Tucson, Arizona. She's been accepted into prestigious shows such as the Cattleman's, Phippen, Mountain Oyster Club, Empire 100 and the American Academy of Equine Art.

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