Jack Sorenson

Jack Sorenson grew up living the scenes of the Wild West that he now paints. As a kid in Texas, he roamed at will through the dude ranch and movie set that his dad ran near the Palo Duro Canyon. As he grew up, he moved on to breaking horses, which he continued to do after his marriage and while he began to paint more seriously.

"I've known all my life that I was going to be an artist," he says. "It's like a preacher being called--it's what I'm supposed to do."

After his first one-man show sold out in 1974, Jack opted for painting full time. About time, perhaps, since, even though he loved breaking horses, he was well aware of the "hitch in the get-a-long" of all the old horse breakers he knew.

Jack's sense of humor is often evident in his paintings of children, cowboys and horses.

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