Kim Corpany

Kim Corpany’s bronze horse sculptures are so lifelike that they draw the viewer in, waiting to see them breathe, twitch an ear or continue forward in their stride. The statues accurately portray the anatomy of the horse and capture its charisma in bronze sculpture.

Kim grew up on horseback in Morgan, Utah. Her mother was an artist and teacher, so Kim began art lessons early. Her artwork has nearly always revolved around horses.

Kim earned an AS degree from WSU and a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from USU. She studied landscape painting with Him Wilcox and oil painting with Tom Browning.       A turning point in her art career occurred when Kim attended Scottsdale Artists School, studying horse anatomy and sculpture from CA sculptor Mehl Lawson, thus launching her career in bronze sculpture.

Kim also enjoys training and showing her horses in AQHA shows.

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