Lucas Orthmann

As an artist, Lucas Orthmann desires “to accurately and realistically portray the heritage of the West through art. I am inspired by the mountains, animals and legends of the western U.S. I often try to capture a moment in time and a reminder of an event that I have experienced in my life while creating iconic images that connect with people.”

Lucas also tries to comment on more than what meets the eye and believes that each subject can teach us something about our lives. Life is diverse, and identifying ourselves within that diversity helps determine our level of responsibility to take care of our natural resources.

Throughout the western U.S., the ability to hunt, observe wild animals, hike mountains and live the western lifestyle is a testament to successful conservation efforts. Lucas’ hope is that his art will help continue these efforts by raising awareness of the importance of this lifestyle as well as the need to protect and advocate for it.

Lucas feels blessed to be able to paint and live in a place that sustains and supports his efforts as an artist and conservationist. 

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