Rick McCumber

Rick McCumber was raised in the small south Texas ranching community of George West, located in the heart of the Nueces Strip, which is historically known as the Wild Horse Desert. Surrounded by the families, history and culture of men credited with originating the legendary Longhorn cattle drives of the 1880’s, Rick was privileged, throughout his youth, to ”tag along” during the cattle workings with men whose fathers and grandfathers had participated in the transformation of the early Texas horse and cattle industry.

As a youngster he did not realize that it would be his friendship with these ”old timers” that would, one day, be the inspiration for the pieces he creates at his studio on the banks of the Nueces River. Grateful to have known these men, Rick is committed to accurately representing and honoring the ranching traditions of the south Texas cowboy, both past and present, in his work. 

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