Tammy Bality

As an only child growing up on the Colorado farm her family originally homesteaded in 1875, Tammy Bality shared a special connection with animals. Ever since she could hold a crayon, art has been Tammy's form of expression. She now creates sculptures that capture animals' life force and honor their spirits.

Tammy has always felt a bond with animals and aimed to recreate that feeling in art. Drawing on a variety of life experiences and technical workshops, Tammy developed her own signature style utilizing different techniques and mediums to create unique pieces representing our interconnectedness with animals and capturing not only their images, but also their spirits.

Combining traditional influences with a variety of mediums and sculpting techniques, Tammy creates innovative art that gives voice to nature's spirit. She sculpts horses and other animals from clay, bronze and crystal, incorporating silver and stone as well. Tammy enjoys exploring the strengths of each medium and complementing their weaknesses with the strengths of the others.

Tammy's ideas flourish and her creativity reinvigorates when she changes mediums, enabling her to continually create refreshing works of art.

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