Be AQHA Proud

Watch this week’s AQHA Video highlighting what it means to be AQHA Proud on AQHA’s YouTube channel.

The American Quarter Horse Association
December 9, 2013

Be AQHA Proud

Watch this week’s AQHA Video highlighting what it means to be AQHA Proud on AQHA’s YouTube channel.

AQHA’s YouTube channel includes a variety of videos from all segments of the equine industry that anyone from the professional horseman to the casual trail rider will find interesting, entertaining and educational. AQHA’s YouTube channel also provides viewers an inside look at the Association through AQHA’s Web-based talk show, “The All-Around.”  

This week’s AQHA Video highlights the pride at AQHA Headquarters, introduces generations of cowboys from the 2013 Zoetis/AQHA Best Remuda Award winner Matador Ranch and recognizes those recipients of the 2013 AQHA 50-Year Breeder Awards.

AQHA Proud

Take a look inside AQHA Headquarters in Amarillo, and meet some of the great employees working every day for you, our members. Their stories reflect the way everyone who works for the Association feels – AQHA Proud! Visit the Horses and People Channel, sponsored by John Deere.

Matador Ranch – Generations of Cowboys

Learn more about the 2013 Zoetis/AQHA Best Remuda Award winner, Matador Ranch. Meet some of the employees who not only take pride in their positions, but who also represent generations of cowboys who have worked on this historic ranch. Visit the Ranches Channel.

AQHA 50-Year Breeder Awards

Each fall, AQHA recognizes the members who have been breeding American Quarter Horses for 50 years.  This year’s 25 honorees include breeders from coast to coast and even north to British Columbia. A Midwestern university known for its athletic program even joins this elite group. Visit the Events Channel, sponsored by Bank of America.

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