Frank Merrill

Watch this week’s AQHA Video featured videos on AQHA Past President Frank Merrill.

The American Quarter Horse Association
July 19, 2013

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This week’s AQHA Video introduces American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame inductee and AQHA Past President Frank Merrill, discusses the making of a champion and teaches how to protect your horse against the West Nile Virus.

Frank Merrill
Frank Merrill has been involved in the horse business for more than 50 years. He’s owned, managed or syndicated more than 100 stallions and bred and cared for at least 25,000 mares, all the while earning a reputation for honesty and integrity. Merrill’s leadership skills also were valuable in his many roles with AQHA, including serving as AQHA president in 2007. Learn more about this member of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. Visit the Horses & People Channel, sponsored by John Deere.

The Making of a Champion – Pete Kyle

AQHA Professional Horseman Pete Kyle discusses starting horses for western riding and western pleasure classes in this vintage clip from a 1987 episode of America’s Horse. Visit the Events Channel, sponsored by Bank of America.

West Nile Virus, Part 3
Dr. Tom Lenz wraps up this series with information about the vaccination to protect your horse against the West Nile virus plus some tips about mosquito control. Part three of three. Visit the Health Channel, sponsored by Zoetis.

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