Showing to Win DVD

The AQHA Showing to Win DVD series releases two new DVDs for horsemanship and showmanship.

The American Quarter Horse Association
June 7, 2013

Showing to Win DVD

AQHA's Showing to Win DVD series adds horsemanship and showmanship to its collection of highly popular classes.

The American Quarter Horse Association’s Showing to Win DVD series adds two new events to its collection of highly popular classes. Horsemanship and showmanship now join western pleasure and trail, providing viewers with information needed to practice, plan and successfully perform in each class.

Hosted by AQHA Professional Horsemen, each DVD illustrates the standards for the class, including rules and procedures. Plus, correct and incorrect maneuvers are evaluated.

“We think this DVD series will help all exhibitors, amateurs and professionals understand that correct presentation and showing by the rules of the class will enhance the performance of their horses and, ultimately, their final placing,” said Alex Ross, AQHA executive director of judges. “We also hope the DVDs will help exhibitors comprehend the judges’ expectations. We think if the exhibitors understand how they will be judged, they’ll have a better understanding of how to correctly present their horses.”

Retailing at $24.95, AQHA members receive a $5 discount and can purchase any video for $19.95.

Showing to Win DVDs are available to purchase online at www.aqhastore.com.

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