Racing Welfare Committee Discusses Issues

June 2, 2011

Generic Racing Photo

The Racing Equine Health, Welfare, Integrity and Research sub-committee, a sub-committee within the AQHA Racing Committee, had its bimonthly meeting last week to discuss the establishment of specific policies and guidelines for enforcing AQHA rules pertaining to the welfare of the racing American Quarter Horse.

Specific recommendations from this sub-committee will be presented to the Racing Committee and AQHA Racing Council for consideration at the Association’s annual racing conference in October. AQHA is working with industry organizations, including several state racing commissions, on medication issues to address concerns with medications, including Clenbuterol useage. AQHA representatives will also be attending the “International Summit on Raceday Medication, EIPH and the Racehorse” in New York City on June 13-14th.

The welfare of the racing American Quarter Horse is a priority for those involved in the industry, as well as AQHA. The Association and its racing department have an oversight responsibility when it comes to problems, including medications, that threaten the safety, integrity and viability of the racing American Quarter Horse. The sub-committee was developed to tackle industry issues and develop recommendations to keep jockeys and horses safe. AQHA is a member of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.