Youth Racing Experience

AQHA is providing state affilates a new educational resource on conducting a youth racing experience to get more youth involved in racing.

The American Quarter Horse Association
May 17, 2013

AQHA Racing

AQHA racing affiliates will be receiving new educational resources.

American Quarter Horse Association racing affiliates will be receiving new American Quarter Horse Youth Association Youth Racing Experience Sourcebooks.

The AQHYA Youth Racing Experience Participation Information and Organizer’s Source Book will be sent to all racing affiliates. Produced by AQHA, the hefty book provides detailed guidelines on how to organize and execute a Youth Racing Experience.

State affiliates are encouraged to organize a Youth Racing Experience, and this book gives affiliates all the tools to do so. Interested AQHYA members should contact their affiliate to find out more information on when an experience is being held in their area.

The new source book contains templates for necessary items such as invitation letters, event publicity and registration forms. It includes strategies for events ranging from one-day to three-day programs. Within the book, volunteers can find teaching guides, educational handouts and worksheets and racing rules.

Also included in the source book is information on how youth can qualify for AQHYA National Youth Racing Experience, hosted by AQHA. This year’s national program requires youth 14 and up to apply by September 1. In addition to the opportunity for an all-expenses-paid trip to the Bank of America Challenge Championships at Los Alamitos Race Course in California to participate in the program, there will be $6,000 in scholarships awarded during the National Youth Racing Experience.

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