AQHA Select World Show 2015

2011 Select World

Aged Stallions

A real special show.

It’s been a great 2011 Adequan Select World Championship Show for Luther Copeland of Morgan Mill, Texas. First, he showed his homebred bay mare, Coolestshowgirlntown, to the Select reserve world championship in aged mares on September 1.

But even better, he showed Cajun Acquisition to the Select aged stallions world championship on September 3.

“My son, Cody Copeland, he’s the trainer,” Luther told the Journal. “He’s had him ever since he was a yearling, and he’s (trained) him to several world championships for other customers. Cody and his wife, Melissa, bought him this last year, and we’ve been breeding him and have some good babies coming this next year. We decided we’d show him one last time, and all the credit goes to (the horse).

“He’s just a peach (to show),” Luther added. “He’s just so easy to get along with, a typical Quarter Horse … a big, bulky baby, that’s the way he is.”

The stallion’s accomplishments include earning the 2009 Select 2-year-old stallions world championship and the open reserve world championship; and the 2010 Select 3-year-old stallions world championship.

But it’s Luther’s first world championship to earn, after a lifetime of being around horses.

“Years ago, a friend and I kind of got into training and shoeing horses and put our way through college,” he said. “It started out just like that…and just evolved into a family business. Our kids (Jennifer, Joe and Cody) went through the 4-H and (AQHYA), Cody went into amateur and …now is an (AQHA) Professional Horseman, a trainer. Me and my wife (Susan) we show amateur.”

Luther works as an independent insurance adjuster and is on the road quite a bit; Susan is a registered nurse. The family stands their stallions and keeps their mares at Copeland Quarter Horses in Morgan Mill.

“It’s my first world championship,” Luther said with a smile. “I had a reserve world champion with the aged mare two days ago, and we actually own her mother – we raised her – so we’ve had a real special (show.)”

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Luther Copeland and Cajun Acquisition

Luther Copeland and Cajun Acquisition win the 2011 Select aged stallions world championship September 3.