AQHA Select World Show 2015

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3-Year-Old Colts

Eldred Nehmelman celebrates his first Adequan Select World with a world championship with his 3-year-old colt, Sinatrafied.

At his first Adequan Select World Championship Show, 20-year breeder Eldred Nehmelman of Green Valley, Illinois, had the best horse in the August 29 3-year-old colts finals. And he had only recently started showing his flashy 2010 bay colt, Sinatrafied.

“I purchased him last year about March,” he said. “I thought he was a pretty good horse, so I thought I better bring him to Illinois. I think he’s got a lot of type and class like they want today. He’s muscled but he’ll cross on those N/H mares. He’s homozygous black gene, so he won’t sire a sorrel colt. That’s a big asset to me.”

An auctioneer by trade, Eldred is new to the American Quarter Horse show ring.

“This is the first time I’ve ever showed at a Quarter Horse show other than qualifying him,” Eldred explained. “We got out of Paints, and I started breeding Quarter Horses. I’ve had Quarter Horses all my life. I just seriously started breeding Quarter Horses.”

This is Sinatrafied’s first major win, and Eldred and AQHA Professional Horseman Chris Arentsen of Trenton, Illinois, plan to take “Frank” down the road before they put him in a serious breeding program.

“We want to get him into some big futurities so the colts are eligible for big money,” he said. “We want to get into the Congress futurity and things like that. We’ll go to the (All American Quarter Horse) Congress and the (AQHA) World (Championship) Show with him.”

He says he is thoroughly enjoying his first Adequan Select World, especially his world championship.

“Frank shows excellent,” he said. “He’s got a good mind and hardly ever moves. He never nickers at a mare.”

Eldred says he already has some mares booked to Frank, and he’s looking forward to showing Frank’s foals in the future.

He might not be at next year’s Adequan Select World, because by then, “I’d like to stop showing him. We want to get good and serious about breeding him.”

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Eldred A. Nehmelman and Sinatrafied

Eldred A. Nehmelman and Sinatrafied