AQHA Select World Show 2015

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2015 Schedule

  • Performance Halter:  If a horse reaches the number of qualifying points required to show in performance halter and earns its performance Register of Merit during the qualifying period (June 1, 2013, thru May 31, 2014), it will qualify to show in the performance halter at the 2014 Select World Show in that division.  If a horse earned its performance ROM prior to the qualifying period, he/she will need an additional 10 riding points during the qualifying period in order to qualify for the 2014 Select World Show (in addition to earning the required number of qualifying points for performance halter). Riding points earned in the open, Amateur, select or youth can cross over  to count for the Select World show qualifying riding points.  Showmanship points do not count.
  • State/Affiliate Invites: AQHA began the Amateur Invitational program for the 2011 Adequan Select and Bank of America Amateur world shows. Again in 2014, through the Amateur Invitational program, AQHA will invite the top point-earning horse/exhibitor combination per class per state/affiliate that does not reach the minimum number of points set to qualify. For the 2014 Select World Show, the amateur/horse combination will be required to reach at least half the points set as the minimum to qualify in order to be invited as an affiliate/state invitee in each particular class (for example:  if the minimum number of points set to qualify for Select Amateur Aged Mares is 9.5, the invitee must have reached at least 4.5 points in order to be invited - note that if a class requires points that include .5 point, AQHA will round down and require half of THAT number). This program is operated by AQHA, not the affiliate, and exhibitors are invited based on the state in which they reside, not where they show.  Once the qualifiers are run (around June 20th), AQHA will run the list of those that were top in their class but didn't qualify. Those invitations will be sent out around July 1. Ties will be broken by the exhibitor who won the last point or 0.5 point first.
  • Halter: Amateur, Select amateur and open halter competitors (not including performance halter) can earn an invitation to the 2014 world shows by competing at a designated number of shows during the respective qualifying period. Halter exhibitors will still be able to qualify to the world shows by earning the designated number of qualifying points, and qualifying in that manner only will appear on the horse’s permanent record.
Amateur and Select amateur: Show at 10 shows in a halter class. Shows will be counted by show numbers on a one-horse, one-exhibitor basis.


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