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October 12, 2012

Working Orders

Entry numbers are up and working orders are posted online for the 2012 AQHA World Championship Show.

2012 AQHA World Show

Competitors at the 2012 AQHA World Show will vie for $3,185,457 in cash and prizes.

Slated for November 2-17 at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, the 2012 American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Show boasts more entries than the previous year’s event. Owners and exhibitors from as far as Argentina, Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will make their way to this pinnacle event for the American Quarter Horse.  

With nearly 3,600 entries, the Association will also crown the very first world champions in three new events at this year’s show: Ranch pleasure, AQHA’s newest class, will sport 66 entries, a purse of more than $38,000, and is offered for the first time at the World Championship Show. Amateur stake race, a new class, will feature 19 entries and a purse of more than $5,600, and another new class, boxing, will feature 35 entries and a purse of more than $10,300.

“Until 2011, the last time AQHA hosted over 3,500 entries at the World Show was in 2002,” said Don Treadway Jr., AQHA executive vice president. “To increase from 3,572 entries in 2011 to 3,595 this year is a great sign for our industry.”

The largest classes at the Bank of America Amateur World include:

  • Ranch sorting – 150 entries
  • Team penning – 126 
  • Trail – 67 
  • Heeling – 65
  • Reining – 63

The largest classes at the FedEx Open World Championship Show include:

  • Ranch sorting – 162
  • Team penning – 123 
  • Senior trail – 97
  • Senior heeling – 83
  • Ranch pleasure – 66

Competitors, owners and American Quarter Horse fans can now view the working orders for the class preliminaries online.

The AQHA World Championship Show is the pinnacle event for American Quarter Horse owners and exhibitors around the globe. Competitors and their Quarter Horses compete yearlong to qualify for the honor of competing at this annual event. Exhibitors must qualify for the AQHA World Show by earning a predetermined number of points throughout the qualifying period to compete in each of the classes representing halter, English and western disciplines. Competitors at the 2012 AQHA World Show will vie for $3,185,457 in cash and prizes, plus the honor of being crowned an AQHA world champion.

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