America's Horse in Art Artists' Biographies

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angle-left Julie T. Chapman

Julie T. Chapman

Meet the America's Horse In Art artist.

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Julie Chapman grew up as a horse-obsessed child who drew equines single-mindedly out of unrequited love; now she trains in both dressage and reining. Her imagery is a contemporary take on the wildlife, horses and rodeo of the modern American Wild West, and features representational subject matter in an abstract setting.

Strongly lit, high-contrast images offer visual drama in her colorful oils and intensive scratchboards. She spends weeks every year on fieldwork, immersed in the wilderness areas of North America, the dusty small town rodeos of the Rockies and the horse scene in England.

Her work is featured in galleries, museum shows and collections throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. Recent press includes the April 2016 Southwest Art and the August 2016 Big Sky Journal. She writes a monthly email newsletter, the “Artzine,” highlighting shows, new work and philosophical musings. Visit to subscribe.