America's Horse in Art Artists' Biographies

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angle-left K.W. Whitley

K.W. Whitley

Meet the America's Horse In Art artist.
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Born and raised west of Austin, Texas, K.W. Whitley graduated from Westlake High School and continued her education at the University of Texas, with emphasis on art and design.

From an early age, K.W.'s love of horses was evident. Her mother often said her child's first word was "horsey." K.W.’s interest in art was nurtured by her father, Ralph White, an accomplished artist and professor with the UT art department.

During her six years as an art director/illustrator, she won awards with the New York Art Director's Club and Print and Creativity magazines as well as several ADDYs.

K.W. showed hunter, dressage and eventing horses, and says the discipline and knowledge she gained through the training needed for this type of riding helped in later endeavors.

After many years working cattle with Foard county rancher Buster Borchardt, she translates her experiences visually and colorfully onto canvas and board. The rugged, rough and open country of the rolling plains and rustic grandeur of the panhandle canyonlands continues to influence K.W.'s artistic explorations in both oil and a combination of gouache and color pencil.

Can We Be Friends?
Gouache and Color Pencil
15" x 20"

A Canyon Moment
Oil on canvas
32" x 50"

Shadow Resting
Gouache/Color Pencil
23" x 15"