America's Horse in Art Artists' Biographies

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angle-left Kathryn Leitner

Kathryn Leitner

Meet the America's Horse In Art artist.

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Kathryn Leitner’s artwork focuses on the lifestyle of ranching families and their livestock, especially their equine partners. Her childhood on her grandparents’ ranch in Montana started a passion for the lifestyle that she strives to share with her viewer.

“I feel blessed to have been bestowed with the God given gift of visual storytelling, and I want to share the story of the people who still possess the values and character that our great country was founded on, the American ranching family.”

She spends time with and photographs ranching families in their day to day lives. She also rides and competes on her American Quarter Horse mare in ranch riding and boxing (working cow horse). The time she spends and the passion she has for her subject are evident in the detail and authenticity of her work.

She works in graphite, colored pencil and oil. Her education has consisted of local classes with talented teachers, a few workshops and self-exposure to good art and books.

Kathryn has been published on the Oklahoma Cowman magazine and has participated in Western Art and Trappings shows in Texas and Oklahoma.

Kathryn resides in rural Oklahoma with her husband, Jack, and she always has her dog and horses close by. Her son, a photographer, and his wife live in Austin, Texas.


Spring Works at the River Pens
Colored Pencil
26" x 30"


Colored and Pastel Pencil
12 1/2" x 10 1/2"


Daughter of Tradition
Oil on canvas
30" x 26"