America's Horse in Art Artists' Biographies

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angle-left Meagan Abra Blessing

Meagan Abra Blessing

Meet the 2018 America's Horse In Art artist.

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Born abroad into an adventurous family, Meagan Abra Blessing spent her formative years packing on horseback, living and working in Western states from Alaska to Colorado. Today, Meagan’s love of the West and her knowledge of the equine form influence her paintings.

Conscientious of the character of her subjects, Meagan’s years of experience with horses in various capacities have resulted in paintings that reflect individual equine temperaments. Her renditions of horses are vibrant and dynamic, and her playful utilization of color and light brings a contemporary twist to classic and often quintessentially Western imagery.

Meagan’s work has been shown in several national Western exhibitions. She has been featured in various publications, including Western Art & Architecture, Big Sky Journal, Western Art Collector and Southwest Art. She received the Fine Art Connoisseur’s People’s Choice Award at the 2016 Out West Art Show, and was the Official Poster Artist for the 2017 Ellensburg Rodeo.