About the Best Remuda Award

AQHA Corporate Partner Zoetis is proud to support this prestigious award.

AQHA-Zoetis Best Remuda Award

Remuda: "Group of working horses bred for the ranch specifically to work and pen cattle."

To honor the contributions that ranch horses have made to the heritage of the American Quarter Horse, the American Quarter Horse Association and Zoetis present to you the Best Remuda Award. The award began in 1992 and has since recognized several outstanding ranches for their efforts in raising American Quarter Horses, an important tool of their trade.

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Any ranch that has five or more American Quarter Horse mares used to produce horses for ranch work and is a member of AQHA is eligible for this award. We encourage you to nominate your ranch or a ranch you feel would be deserving of the Best Remuda Award.

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Winners of the Best Remuda Award

2013 Matador Ranch - Matador, Texas

Cattle and cowboys have been on this ranch for 136 years, ever since 1877, when Henry H. Campbell established a ranch about 80 miles northeast of what would be come Lubbock, Texas. 

Singleton Ranch2012 Singleton Ranches - Lamy, New Mexico

When Henry Singleton bought the 81,000-acre San Cristobal Ranch, south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the mid-1980s, people familiar with Henry had to wonder what was going on. That purchase did not fit the pattern of businesses that Henry had been buying.

best remuda brand2011 Tongue River Ranch - Dumont, Texas

It was an ususual spring, and one like it everyone hopes not to see again soon. Dry and hot. Unusually dry and unusually hot. And windy. Of course, everyone knows the wind blows during the spring in West Texas, but every day?

best remuda brand2010 Spade Ranch - Lubbock, Texas

In 1889, when Isaac Ellwood stepped down from the train in the West Texas town of Colorado (known today as Colorado City), he knew he had come to the right place. The railroad shipping pens were full of cattle.

best remuda brand2009 Haythorn Ranch Co. - Maxwell, Nebraska

Howard Haythorn came to Maxwell on horseback at age 13, helping his father trail in a herd of cattle and horses to their new home.

best remuda brand2008 Moorhouse Ranch - Benjamin, Texas

The Moorhouse ranching tradition began in the 1800s when Edward Moorhouse raised cattle in Texas and Oklahoma’s Indian Territory. Edward’s youngest son, Togo, purchased land in the 1930s that would grow into the operation that is today Moorhouse Ranch Co.

best remuda brand2007 S Ranch Ltd. - Billings, Montana

Today, the S Ranch is still owned and operated by the Scott family – John Scott Jr., John Scott III, Jim Scott, Maggie Scott Brown and Sissy Scott Croft are all general partners of the 227,000-acre ranch (including leases).

best remuda brand2006 Tule Ranch - Tulia, Texas

The Cogdell family has made a name for itself in two areas – ranch horses and cutting horses.

best remuda brand2005 Babbitt Ranches - Flagstaff, Arizona

Established in 1886, Babbitt Ranches is one of the largest and most historic ranches in Arizona.

best remuda brand2004 Douglas Lake Cattle Co. - Douglas Lake, British Columbia

Douglas Lake Cattle Co. is a town of itself. It has a store, post office, school and church. It’s also the largest ranch in Canada.

best remuda brand2003 Lacey Livestock Co. - Paso Robles, California

Almost everyone’s vision of a desert is that of a dry, sandy area, almost void of vegetation and with unrelenting heat. That’s not necessarily so – especially in the winter and early spring.

best remuda brand2002 W.H. Green Cattle Co. - Albany, Texas

Henry Green said that when his father stepped down from the train, he was the maddest man that Henry had ever seen. And the thing about it, he was mad at Henry.

best remuda brand2001 Van Norman Ranches Inc. - Tuscarora, Nevada

The Van Norman Ranches of Tuscarora, Nevada are a cow, calf and stocker operation, along with a farming enterprise in Independence Valley, some 50 miles north of Elko. The Van Norman family is a steward of the land and prides itself in continuing the traditions set forth by their parents and grandparents, the late Charlie and Della Van Norman.

best remuda brand2000 CS Cattle Co.- Cimmaron, New Mexico

When Frank Springer topped a rise and looked down on the little village of Cimarron, New Mexico, in February 1873, two things immediately struck him – the snow-covered peaks to the west, and the rolling short grass prairies to the east.

best remuda brand1999 Bogle Ltd. - Dexter, New Mexico

It’s no accident that Bogle Ltd. was named the winner of last year’s Best Remuda Award. They planned for it. Bogle Ltd. Ranches lie in the southeast corner of New Mexico.

best remuda brand1998 Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co. - Guthrie, Texas

The 118-year-old Pitchfork Ranch breeds good horses by necessity, because no modern convenience can take their place in rugged terrain.

best remuda brand1997 R.A. Brown Ranch - Throckmorton, Texas

When R.A. (Rob) Brown Jr.'s grandfather established his Throckmorton, Texas, ranch in 1903, one of the first things he did was to make sure he had some top horses. He had been in the cattle business since 1895, and he knew the value of a good cow horse.

best remuda brand1996 Bar B Ranch - Beaver, Oklahoma 

For more than a century, the Barby family has made its living on horseback, herding cattle on the sprawling Bar B Ranch, east of Beaver, Oklahoma.

best remuda brand1995 Stuart Ranch - Caddo, Oklahoma

The oldest family ranch in Oklahoma doesn't rest on historical markers or tradition. Stuart Ranch, carved out of Indian Territory in 1868, is in the midst of a renaissance, a rebirth, thanks to strategic efforts by the Stuart family and ranch personnel.

best remuda brand1994 Waggoner Ranch - Vernon, Texas

Turning back through the pages of Texas horse history, it may be said that in his time, (W.T. Waggoner) owned or used most of the great Texas horses of his day.

best remuda brand1993 Four Sixes Ranch - Guthrie, Texas  

Raising good ranch horses was always a goal with Samual Burk Burnett, legendary founder of the Four Sixes Ranch. He found his calling early, and joined his father in the cattle business in Denton County, Texas, when Burk was only 19 years old.

best remuda brand1992 Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. - Arthur, Nebraska  

Few ranches in America today are as reliant on horses as the Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. Others are bigger, land-wise, but the Haythorn is the largest breeder of American Quarter Horses in the United States.