angle-left 8 Reasons to Own an American Quarter Horse

8 Reasons to Own an American Quarter Horse

Horses don’t just fill up space in your busy schedule; they fill up a place in your heart.

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For years, people have been amazed at the athleticism and beauty that is personified in American Quarter Horses. They stare at them driving past pastures and talk about how one day they would love to have one of their own. That admiration turns to scouring Internet ads, looking for “Quarter Horses for sale.” If you’ve ever had the privilege of owning an American Quarter Horse, you know what a pleasure it really is, and here are just a few reasons to own a Quarter Horse, or better put, why the Quarter Horse is the best breed in the world.

  1. They put things into perspective. Some people can get a big head, thinking their lives are impressive and that they have something other people don’t, whether it be money, power or material possessions. There are many life lessons horses teach us. Quarter Horses have a humbling effect about them that can flip the script on what you might think is important. Their raw athletic ability, a heart for service and sheer power can make a person feel like he or she is lucky to be in that animal’s presence.
  2. They are selfless. After reading the first point, you might think horses are intimidating, but they are just the opposite. Quarter Horses were created with servant hearts and a herd mentality. They would run to the ends of the Earth if their rider wanted them to, and they would give every bit of strength they have doing it.
  3. They are loyal. After a bad day, there is nothing like going out to the barn to vent to your horse. Humans may try to solve your problems and even try to make them seem like they aren’t valid – but your Quarter Horse just listens, really listens, to what you have to say. Horses don’t judge, and they love you no matter what.
  4. They are fun. All seriousness aside, Quarter Horses are a hoot! They will give you endless hours of laughter by just being themselves: making funny faces, playing with toys or messing with their pasture-mates; there will never be a dull moment in the barn with your Quarter Horse around.
  5. They are powerful. Don’t let their dazzling beauty let you forget just how athletic these animals are. Their strength and power are why the Quarter Horse got its name, after all, and there’s nothing quite like witnessing it for yourself.
  6. They are diverse. The versatility that we love about the Quarter Horse breed gives it the ability to participate in racing, trail riding, reining, dressage, jumping and so much more. There’s a reason that Quarter Horses are the most popular and versatile breed in the world.
  7. They have the biggest heart. Quarter Horses might be powerful and could seem intimidating, but underneath that broad chest is a heart bigger than Texas. Just watch how they take care of a child riding on their backs or dutifully perform equine-assisted therapy tasks.
  8. To put it simply, they are the best. A breed of horse wouldn’t be loved worldwide for no reason. As you can see, Quarter Horses are an animal unlike any other, and we have the privilege of being associated with them. It’s a Quarter Horse’s world, we’re just lucky to be living in it.