Upgrade Your AQHA Membership

Upgrade Your AQHA Membership

Add amateur status to your membership in a snap.

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Want to compete in AQHA's amateur division at AQHA events? A general or life membership can be easily upgraded to an amateur membership so you can show in amateur classes.

To upgrade your membership, print and complete the amateur membership agreement portion of the AQHA membership application and mail or fax the application to AQHA.

Upgrading a general or life membership to amateur status for one year is $10. Upgrading for three years is $30.

Note that an amateur membership has to be renewed at least every three years.

Heading to a horse show soon and need to act fast? You may also upgrade your membership at an AQHA-approved show. There is an additional $5 fee for upgrading a membership at a show.

Membership upgrades cannot currently be processed online.