What Does RHB Mean? 

What Does RHB Mean? 

Learn more about AQHA’s Ranching Heritage Breeder program.

Ranching Heritage Challenge Pueblo 2015

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The versatile ranch horse is the backbone of the American Quarter Horse breed. 

These horses must be able to serve a number of necessary roles and cover large amounts of ground on a ranch in a comfortable manner for its rider; it needs to be able to work cattle in a variety of ways, such as herding them, cutting them and roping them. Ranch horses need to have speed, stamina and soundness, and the willing temperament made famous by the American Quarter Horse. This is the horse that the AQHA Ranching Heritage program intends to promote to audiences worldwide.

"RHB" means AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder, or a horse bred by a Ranching Heritage Breeder. The Ranching Heritage program was launched by AQHA in 2011, and is a nomination-based breeder referral program.

Working cattle ranches that breed American Quarter Horses for ranch work are allowed to apply and must be accepted into the Ranching Heritage program. To become an AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder, ranches must:

  1. Be members of AQHA.
  2. Breed at least five American Quarter Horse per year.
  3. The ranch must have received at least an AQHA 10-year breeder award. 

The AQHA Ranching Committee and AQHA Executive Committee review the applications and accept new ranches, which then pay a fee of $25 per year to be a part of the program. Ranching Heritage Breeders are entitled to use a special logo on their advertising, and that logo also appears on the AQHA registration certificates of horses bred by Ranching Heritage Breeders. All of the horses bred by the ranches are eligible for the Ranching Heritage program.

Horses in the Ranching Heritage program must pay enrollment fees to be fully enrolled. Once enrolled, it is good for the lifetime of the horse. 

This allows the horse to be eligible for exclusive events open only to Ranching Heritage horses. 

AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenges

Held regionally around the United States, Ranching Heritage Challenges offer an exclusive place for Ranching Heritage horses to compete. In addition to the regional events, competitors are invited to the year-end AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge Finals. Classes are offered to different levels of riders and ages of horses and include

  • Working ranch horse
  • Limited working ranch horse (box-drive-box-drive )
  • Ranch riding
  • Ranch cutting
  • Team roping
  • Barrel racing

Classes are offered at the discretion of show management. If you'd like to see an RHC class added at a Ranching Heritage Challenge near you, contact show management to discuss the class addition.

RHB Top Horse Awards

Given out at major industry events, the Ranching Heritage Top-Horse Awards spotlight Ranching Heritage-bred horses with a $250 cash prize and trophy to the owner and $250 to the horse’s breeder. If the award is offered at an event, all enrolled Ranching Heritage-bred horses are automatically eligible for the prize, which is given to the horse that places the highest while defeating the most horses. 

To see if your horse is Ranching Heritage enrolled, call AQHA at 806-378-4811.