Build for the Future

AQHYA challenges youth members to envision what success is as they Build for the Future in 2022.

2022 AQHYA theme logo Build for the Future

Build for the Future is the American Quarter Horse Youth Association’s theme for 2022.

Drawing from the past and growing in the present allows AQHYA members to Build for the Future. By using their valuable experience and perspectives, youth members can build upon the foundation of the Association to help shape the future of their communities, the horse industry and themselves as leaders.  

AQHA challenges AQHYA members to be the visionaries of their future success, using their knowledge, dedication and passion for the American Quarter Horse to Build for the Future. Each quarter will feature a new area of focus related to the 2022 theme, Build for the Future.

  • First Quarter Focus: What do you see and hope for the future of AQHA and AQHYA?
  • Second Quarter Focus: How is the American Quarter Horse building YOU for the future?
  • Third Quarter Focus: Recognizing the Past, Present and Future of AQHYA Leadership and Youth World Show.
  • Fourth Quarter Focus: Where we’re going, we need everyone! 

Using the common love and respect for the American Quarter Horse, AQHYA members are encouraged to Build for the Future by inviting fellow horse enthusiasts to join them on the road ahead. Through AQHYA competitions and events, youth learn to develop sportsmanship and life skills while having fun and meeting new friends. As part of the horse industry’s largest youth association, AQHYA members have the influence and potential to build the future of the industry they wish to see both now and in the future.

AQHYA will be encouraging participation through social media initiatives.

Tag @officialaqhya #BuildForTheFuture in your social media posts to share how you are building for the future with AQHYA and the horse industry.