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Insurance for Your New Foal

Start off the life of your new foal right by protecting his health and your investment.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Markel


At what age can my foal be insured and how does the insurance work?


New foals can be quite an investment and Mortality coverage is available to protect this investment. Foals can be insured at 24 hours old through 90 days old upon receipt of a satisfactory veterinarian exam confirming the foal is in good health and there were no complications with its birth. The exam needs to be completed after the foal is at least twenty-four hours and have normal IgG/CBC testing results. The Mortality rates on foals 24 hours through 90 days old are higher than normal rates as the risk is greater during this early developmental period. Regular rates apply and a veterinarian exam is generally not required if the foal is not insured until it is at least 91 days old. Furthermore, foals are normally insured only for the Mortality coverage in the beginning. They may qualify for additional coverages such as Medical/Surgical, Surgical, and/or Emergency Colic Surgery once they reach 30 days of age.