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Long-Distance Horse Purchase

What do you do when your veterinarian is too far away to check out the horse you're thinking of buying?

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I am in the market for two horses for my daughters, and have found two candidates that are outside of the travel range for my veterinarian. I was wondering if you have any advice as to what to look for since I can't have my vet out to perform the exam.


Your veterinarian may be the best person to answer this question, as he may know other colleagues in the area where the horses are located and may refer you to them. Otherwise, you have two choices: as long as the seller agrees, you can bring the horses to your area for your vet to examine them; or you can look up an AAEP member in the area online.

As much as you can, avoid using the buyer's veterinarian, as it is very difficult for the veterinarian to perform a purchase exam for another person on a client's horse whose history you're already familiar with without being biased. Sometimes it is not possible, and you may want to have the buyer sign a contract agreeing to disclose all previous medical records to you first.

-- Dr. Silvia do Valle, Clarcona, Florida, member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners

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