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Changing Your Horse's Name

Changing your Quarter Horse's registered name is a simple process, but only some horses are eligible.

Find out how to change your horse's registered name. Journal photo.

Have you purchased an American Quarter Horse but aren't too thrilled with his registered name? AQHA Customer Service gets many requests for changing a horse's name. The process is simple, as long as your horse meets certain criteria.

To change your horse's name, submit submit a name change form, his registration certificate and the $55 name change fee ($95 for non-members).

However, you may only change your horse's name as long as he or she has not:

    1. Competed in an AQHA show or special event


    1. Started in a recognized race


    1. Earned a special achievement recognition award as per AQHA Rule 440


    1. Earned any money or awards with an AQHA affiliate, as shown on AQHA records


    1. Appeared on any breeding document submitted to AQHA.

Not sure if your horse has a show or race record or has been bred? Use AQHA's Online Records Research system to check. AQHA members get $10 free each month in records research.

If your horse qualifies for a name change, please submit a name change form with your new name choice, the registration certificate and the $55 fee for members or $95 for non-members to:

P.O. Box 200
Amarillo, TX 79168

If you have any questions about the name-change process, please contact AQHA Customer Service at 806-376-4811, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central.

You asked, and we listened! Members requested a name change form via our new website, My AQHA Idea, and we were able to create the form quickly and add it to the AQHA Forms page under the Registration section. Thanks to everyone who has submitted wonderful ideas on the My AQHA Idea website to help make AQHA better!