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Your AQHA PIN Decoded

Get insider information on one of AQHA's most frequently asked questions.

AQHA has developed a section of its website specifically for members called Member Services. It is every AQHA member’s place to conduct business with AQHA, look up the most up-to-date records on any American Quarter Horse, view show leaders lists and more.

But there's a catch! You have to have your AQHA ID and PIN to log in. This week, we share with you the procedure for sending PINs to our members.

The way you sign up for your AQHA membership -- by phone, mail, fax or online -- determines whether or not you need to request your PIN from AQHA.

If you:

    • Sign up online, a letter will be automatically mailed to you.
    • Sign up by phone, mail or fax, then you need to request a letter from AQHA. You can do this  yourself by clicking on the “Get a PIN” link on the AQHA home page. You can also contact AQHA Customer Service.

The PIN letter you receive will contain an alpha-numeric PIN and the last three digits of your AQHA ID number. Don’t let this fool you! You need to use your entire, seven-digit ID number when you sign on!

But, you wonder, "Do I have to wait for a letter every single time I lose my PIN?" Not at all. Once you log in with your ID and PIN, you will be immediately stopped and prompted to set up a secret question and answer so that you may receive your PIN by e-mail if it ever changes or is lost in the future. If you have a secret question set up and need to have your PIN e-mailed to you, click on the “Forgot Your PIN” link on the AQHA home page. This is a huge reason why we are always pestering you for your e-mail address whenever you call! If we don’t have the correct e-mail on file, you can’t get your PIN!

That is the basic AQHA PIN procedure. I know in these technologically advanced days, there is a password or PIN, ID number or secret handshake to get into everything, but it’s worth it to get what you need fast!

A Few Fun Facts about Your AQHA PIN:

    • It cannot be given to you over the phone.
    • It can be customized (click on 'member action' at the top of the screen after logging in).
    • If you have a secret question set up, but forget the answer, call us and we’ll send it to you by mail.
    • You can try to answer your secret question/log in unlimited times. There is no feature in place that will lock you out of the system.
    • You must answer your secret question in the same format each time (ex: if your answer is a date, and you put in the format mm/dd/yyyy the first time you answered, you must do this each time).
    • At a show/eventwith AQHA OnSite Services? Stop by in person, and an AQHA staff member will give you your PIN on the spot!

Remember, this is all for your security! You can do so much business online, and AQHA wants your information to stay secure! If you’re having trouble with your PIN, post a comment and we’ll be glad to help you out!