Breeder Bewilderment

Breeder’s certificates can be a tricky business if you aren’t prepared.

A breeder’s certificate is required by the American Quarter Horse Association before a foal can be registered. So there are a few important things to remember when breeding your American Quarter Horses:

  • The certificate must be signed by the stallion owner and mare owner at the time of breeding, and the breeding dates must be listed on it. If a horse is leased during breeding, it must be signed by the lessee. An authorized agent can sign the document if the authorization is recorded in AQHA’s office.
  • The dates and the stallion or mare information cannot be altered on a breeder’s certificate. If they are, a new one must be obtained.
  • AQHA cannot force someone to sign a breeder’s certificate. The document is contractual by its nature, and any disagreements must be handled between the parties involved. If someone has to go to court because of a dispute over a breeder’s certificate and the court awards someone the breeder’s certificate, AQHA still must have one signed before it can register the foal.

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  • Take a breeder’s certificate with you, and if the judge rules in your favor, have it signed in court.
  • Most stallion owners will not release a breeder’s certificate until all contractual obligations have been met.
  • If a mare has multiple foals, multiple breeder’s certificates must be obtained from the stallion owner before the resulting offspring can be registered.
  • If a foal is a result of transported semen or frozen semen, and a pre-printed registration application with this fact noted on it by AQHA is not sent in for registration, a different type of breeder’s certificate is required. This free form can be obtained from AQHA.
  • If the same person owns the sire and dam at the time of breeding and foaling, a breeder’s certificate is not required for registration.

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