Happy Father's Day!

We salute fathers everywhere, plus the 20 founding sires of the American Quarter Horse registry.

Father’s Day is a time to thank your dad for everything he has done in your life. From childhood to adulthood, he has watched you grow and helped you to become the person you are today. It’s a time to show your father how much you love and appreciate him. It’s a time to give him the recognition he deserves. On this special day, AQHA would like to give some recognition to our “founding fathers” - the first 20 American Quarter Horses to receive a registration number. These special stallions were designated to be the foundation sires for the registry.

When AQHA began back in 1940, it was decided that the first horse registered would be the grand champion stallion at the Fort Worth Stock Show, which ended up being Wimpy P-1. The 20th registration number would be reserved for the first president of AQHA, W.B. Warren, which he chose to use for his stallion Pancho. The remaining spaces between were to be filled by stallions of an “ideal” Quarter Horse type, using the criteria of conformation, performance and even lineage. Each horse was selected for a specific reason.

Did you know Wimpy P-1 is a descendant of Peter McCue? Read about the life and legacy of this historic stallion in AQHA's FREE The Gospel According to Peter report.

Some of the stallions have familiar names - Wimpy, Joe Reed, Joe Bailey, Oklahoma Star and Cowboy - while others have faded into the background over time. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that some stallions had get that were showing and campaigning, while other stallions sired steady, capable cow horses whose abilities were only known among ranchers and cowboys. Some sired hundreds of foals, while others only sired a handful. But no matter their level of fame, these 20 foundation sires were the building blocks of the breed we all know and love today. Let’s take a moment to recognize these great Quarter Horse sires: Wimpy P-1 Rialto P-2 Joe Reed P-3 Joe Bailey P-4 Chief P-5 Oklahoma Star P-6 Columbus P-7 Colonel P-8 Old Red Buck P-9 Old Jim P-10 Sheik P-11 Cowboy P-12 Waggoner’s Rainy Day P-13 Old Red Bird P-14 Brown Possum P-15 Whiskaway P-16 Little Richard P-17 Yellow Boy P-18 Tomate Laureles P-19 Pancho P-20 Happy Father’s Day, and don’t forget to tell dear ol’ Dad how much he means to you!

Peter McCue, an 1895 stallion, sired two of the original 19 foundation sires found in the AQHA studbook. Learn more about his influence on the American Quarter Horse industry in AQHA's FREE The Gospel According to Peter report.

A Message From Merial: Thank Your Show Dads, the Unsung Heroes Every June, we celebrate fathers and this year, we pay a special tribute to the horse show dads. Show dads are an extraordinary kind of father or father figure who deserve recognition this Father’s Day. Equestrians can count on these dads to be there in the stands, smiling and ready to catch every moment, big or little, on camera. To him, success isn’t measured by ribbons and awards, but by hard work, dedication and memories made along the way. To celebrate Father’s Day, Merial, the maker of ULCERGARD® (omeprazole) and LEGEND® (hyaluronate sodium), is launching the Show Dad Love video commemorating the dads who aren’t just along for the ride, but behind you every step. Equestrians everywhere have expressed love for show dads on social media. The Show Mom Love video launched for Mother’s Day, and reached more than one million views. Though the focus was on moms, many people commented that they wanted to share the same gratitude for their dads. This excitement has made it difficult for Merial to wait until June to release the Show Dad Love video for Father’s Day. Readers are encouraged to show their appreciation by posting pictures and stories with #ShowDadLove on The Ride to Win Facebook and @TheRideToWin. Merial is proud to honor each and every show dad. Because of him, you can ride to win. Share your #ShowDadLove this Father’s Day.

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