Horse-Breeding Rewards

The deadline to turn in AQHA Incentive Fund forms is just around the corner.

The deadline to get your stallions nominated for AQHA’s Incentive Fund program is November 30. The program serves to reward breeders and owners for their hard work by offering paybacks for points won at AQHA shows. The AQHA Incentive Fund pays participants for showing and breeding their American Quarter Horses. It’s is a multimillion-dollar program involving stallion and foal nominations with paybacks to the stallion nominators, foal nominators and owners of the competing horses. The program is owned, managed and operated by AQHA. The money comes from the enrollment of stallions into the program and subsequent nomination of their foals. For a stallion’s offspring to be eligible, he must be enrolled by November 30 prior to each breeding season at a fee based on the number of mares on his previous year’s breeding report. This annual enrollment makes his foals resulting from that breeding year eligible to be nominated into the program.

Foals by these nominated stallions are eligible to be nominated into the program provided that the foal has not earned a 1/2 point or more in an AQHA-approved event.

Are you ready to start earning money doing what you love? The AQHA Incentive Fund pays participants for showing and breeding their American Quarter Horses!

From the foaling date to the seventh-month birth date, the nomination fee is $100. However, this fee will increase to $125 beginning with the 2013 crop. After the seventh month to the 12-month birth date, the fee is $200. Foals may be nominated to the Incentive Fund from the 12- to 18-month birth date at a fee of $1,000 and from the 18- to 24-month birth date for $2,500. The Incentive Fund utilizes the most familiar and proven concept in the American Quarter Horse show industry, points won at AQHA shows. Each point earned at an AQHA-approved show in the open or amateur divisions by an Incentive Fund-nominated horse will be worth a specific amount. The exact amount will depend on the total money in the Fund for that show year and the total number of points earned in that year by Incentive Fund-nominated horses. As of 2012, there have been a few changes to the AQHA Incentive Fund. One of the changes to the Incentive fund includes the addition of an Incentive Fund competition license, 100 percent of which is added to the fund to help increase point values. Exhibitors will pay a competition license fee of $50 for the amateur division and $50 for the open division per horse to get the Incentive Fund payout. The fee can be paid any time during the year and will become effective when it’s received by AQHA or by show management. Owners should remember that points earned prior to paying the annual license fee will not be Incentive Fund-eligible for the nominated horse.

Ready to take the next step? Click here for forms to enroll your stallion or foal in this multimillion-dollar program.

Enroll your stallion in the AQHA Incentive Fund program by November 30 and start earning your rewards for points won at AQHA shows!

Complete the Incentive Fund license form and mail it back to the address provided or call (806) 376-4811 to pay over the phone with AQHA Customer Service. AQHA’s Incentive Fund has had several top earners this year. Here are some of the top earners for 2012:

Foal Owner Earnings

  • Kaleena Weakly of Shelbyville, Illinois - $15,263.08
  • Josh Weakly of Shelbyville, Illinois - $11,686.20
  • Diana K. Davidson of Franktown, Colorado - $11,077.36
  • Sharon Lee Kuebker of Gurnee, Illinois - $10,772.94
  • Patricia Carlson of Sheffield, Massachusetts-- $10,493.89

Sire’s Foal Earnings

  • Invitation Only - $85,321.04
  • One Hot Krymsun - $47,258.47
  • Blazing Hot - $44,668.82
  • Zippos Mr Good Bar - 43,009.33
  • Radical Rodder - $40,683.93

Foal’s Total Earnings

  • Hours Yours And Mine - $15,463.91
  • Are You Charlie - $12,409.18
  • The Heat Seeker - $10,295.18
  • Top Pay Coolest - $9,460.15
  • RPL My Te Cheerful - $8,889.37