Keep Your Foal Healthy

Dr. Tom Lenz offers nine warning signs that your foal might be sick and in need of immediate veterinary attention.

  1. The foal doesn’t roll up on its chest or exhibit a suckling reflex within 20 minutes of birth.
  2. The foal fails to stand and nurse within three hours.
  3. The foal seems dull and depressed.
  4. The foal’s navel is raw, red or swollen.
  5. Urine drips from the foal’s navel.
  6. The foal’s joints are hot and swollen, or it appears lame.
  7. The foal’s gums are white, or the gums and the whites of the foal’s eyes are yellow.
  8. The foal’s body temperature is outside (too high or too low) the normal range of 99 to 101.5° F.
  9. The foal loses its appetite (most foals nurse 4-5 times an hour during the first week of life).