Registration Tips

Registering your foal with AQHA can be a snap.

AQHA's online registration system saves horse owners time and helps catch omissions that could delay the registration process. Before you sit down to your computer, use this checklist to gather everything you'll need.

Online Foal Registration Checklist

  • Date foaled
  • Breeding method
  • Embryo transfer date and number
  • Dam's name and registration number
  • Current breeding reports
  • Foal description
  • Five photos of foal
  • Six foal name choices
  • Other foal information
  • Tax ID or Social Security number

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The Name Game Your new foal's name can't exceed 20 characters and can't contain punctuation. Each name must be unique. Your name choice will be denied if it sounds too similar to an existing name in the database. Want to name your horse Reba McEntire, Denzel Washington or John Elway? Gotta get written permission from the celebrities first. Say Cheese You'll need to submit five photos of your foal - one from each side and one from a three-quarters view from the front. If your foal's markings are complex, extra photos detailing the markings will help the Registration department describe your horse's markings in detail on his papers. Click here for a free brochure with helpful tips for taking your foal's pictures for registration. Have questions? Call (806) 376-4811 or e-mail

Halter breaking a foal will be his first experience learning to respect you, to give to pressure and to handle new experiences. You need to make sure it is done right the first time. Download AQHA's FREE report, Halter Breaking Your Foal