The Paperwork Part of Horse Breeding

The deadline to submit AQHA Stallion Breeding Reports is fast approaching.

The deadline for submitting Stallion Breeding Reports is November 30. If you have questions about submitting these reports, please contact us at AQHA customer service representatives will be on alert November 30, responding to email until midnight. According to AQHA’s Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations, the owner, authorized agent or lessee of every American Quarter Horse stallion must file a written report showing the names, registration numbers and dates of breeding exposure for all registered mares during the year.

  • These reports may be filed online by logging in to the Member Services area
  • The online report gives stallion owners several choices. AQHA recommends making daily or weekly entries instead of waiting until the last day to enter numerous mares. However, you can wait until the deadline to complete the pay-out process and officially file the report.

Filing Online To enter your Stallion Breeding Report online, you’ll need your AQHA identification number and your personal identification number (PIN), which AQHA assigns. Your AQHA identification number is located on your membership card or on your horses’ registration papers.

If you already have a PIN to access records through the membership area of the AQHA Web site, you don’t have to request another number. If you do not have your PIN, click here or contact AQHA.

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Entering Stallion Information Go to and click on the “Enter Stallion Breeding Report” link, located under the heading “Breeding” on the black navigation bar across the top of the screen. The stallion information screen will appear. Simply enter the information for your stallion in the spaces provided. Remember that all fields are required, even if the horse was not at a different location for breeding. List the name, city, state, country and the dates the stallion was at the location. It is important to enter dates that encompass the breeding dates entered on the mare’s page. It is acceptable to enter January 1 to December 31. For example, do not enter March 15 to June 15, then enter a breeding date of March 2. After all the stallion information is correctly entered, click the “Next” button to continue. The information entered will be checked and verified with AQHA’s records. If everything matches, an acceptance screen will appear. Here, you have the opportunity to carefully read everything and make any necessary changes. If all the data is accurate, click “Accept,” and begin completing the mare information. Mare Information Entering mare information is similar to the process of entering stallion data. In the appropriate fields, enter the mare’s registration number, the breeding dates and breeding method. The only breeding dates that need to be entered are the first and last cover dates. As with the stallion information page, you need to click the “Next” button and your information will be verified with AQHA’s records. Once again, you will see an acceptance screen that should be double-checked for errors. If everything is correct, click “Accept,” and the mare data will be entered into the system. Looking Back Information submitted for both stallions and mares is saved and can be accessed at a later date. Pending information on your report can be viewed and checked any time by clicking on the “pending charges” link at the bottom of the screen. Throughout the breeding season you can add mares to a report already filed by clicking on the stallion’s name, which will be under the “Stallion Breeding” menu. In order for the information you enter to be accepted in AQHA’s system, you must pay at AQHA’s secure site with a credit card. You can go back and make changes to the report before you are charged. After you pay, the report cannot be altered online. If you feel that you have made a mistake, contact the stallion breeding department at AQHA. “Filing the stallion breeding report online is virtually error proof,” says AQHA Director of Registration Operations Tammy Canida. “There are many opportunities to go back and change entries.” Frequent Problems Even though the process is straightforward and self-explanatory, many customers fail to complete all of the required fields. Keep a look out for error messages on the right hand side of the screen. They will appear in red and will alert you to omissions, not allowing you to proceed with the report. The identification and PIN numbers you enter must parallel that of the stallion listed in the report. You must be the owner, lessee or an authorized agent. This information will be checked against AQHA records during the verification process. Also, the owner of the stallion during the breeding dates is the only person who can file the report. For example, if you own a stallion from January to May, you are required to report the mares bred during that time. Another problem customers run into is failing to specify how the mare was bred - artificial insemination, cooled and transported or frozen semen, or live cover on the premises. Remember, don’t pay for the report until you have finished breeding for the year. To report Thoroughbred mares, or to file a report for a Thoroughbred stallion, the “T” number we assign once the horse has been officially listed with AQHA must be used. If this has not yet been done, or if you do not have the “T” number, a written stallion breeding report will need to be mailed to our office, rather than using the online system, for the Thoroughbred horses.

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Filing By Mail To file by mail, download the Stallion Breeding Report form. Frequently Asked Questions If my mare was not listed on the Stallion Breeding Report, can she be added? Can I still register the foal? A mare may be added to a report at any time. The stallion owner or lessee needs to file the report, listing just the mare being added, paying the required fees. The cost is the $5 mare fee and a $30 late fee if submitted after November 30 of the breeding season. It can be mailed with the foal application. I forgot to file my Stallion Breeding Report last year. What do I do? File a late report. The cost is $25 for the stallion, $5 for each mare listed, a $30 late fee and membership, if the owner of the stallion is not a current member. You can also file this late report online in our Member Services area. My mare was bred to more than one stallion. Do I list her on both reports? Yes. If she was bred to more than one stallion in a 30-day period, the resulting foal will need to be parentage verified.