What's In a Name?

Horse-crazy kids will love to play The Name Game from Take Me Riding, and they'll learn about the process of naming a foal along the way.

Naming an American Quarter Horse is no easy task. The guidelines for naming a foal (see page 28 of the 2015 AQHA Rulebook) may seem like a daunting list of to-dos and not-to-dos at times. Eventually, however, your foal ends up with the perfect name - often a mix of both his sire’s and dam’s names, maybe with a little twist you added in.

There’s now an easy way to teach kids about the naming process. The Name Game from is a fun and educational game that lets kids try to guess the name of the offspring, given the horse’s parents. Take Me Riding is a website developed to educate children about the wonderful learning experiences and fantastic opportunities that are available through horseback riding. The easy-to-navigate site is filled with educational horse facts, resources for parents and teachers, and fun games and videos - all designed to encourage kids to go riding!

Doc Bar was a legendary American Quarter Horse stallion whose influence is still felt today. Learn more about this horse and some of his progeny with AQHA’s The Doc Bar Bloodline report.

The Name Game is simple and easy to play. Using real examples of famous horses (including Doc O’Lena, Easy Date, Jet Deck, Rocket Wrangler and more) the game displays a picture of the horse to be named. On either side, a picture of the horse’s sire and dam are shown with their name. Below the “unnamed” horse are words to choose from to name the horse with. Just drag and drop the words where your child thinks they should go and check your answer! Points are awarded for a completely correct answer, a partially correct answer and even for fun, but incorrect, names! After checking your child’s answer, a fun fact about the horse appears, teaching kids about the horse’s accomplishments and awards. Teaching children how to name a Quarter Horse foal is only one way that Take Me Riding educates horse-crazy kids. Through other interactive games and videos, children who are beginners to the world of horses will learn basic horse knowledge. In addition to educational games and videos following the lives of Jack, Anna and Grace - three children enthralled with everything horse-related - Take Me Riding offers countless resources on horse breeds, horseback riding and even equine history.

Whether an AQHA World Champion or a child’s trail horse, many American Quarter Horses have Doc Bar in their pedigree. Get more information on this legendary stallion with AQHA’s The Doc Bar Bloodline report.

Take Me Riding is also packed with resources for parents, lesson plans built around the Common Core standards for teachers, an event calendar that offers upcoming horse events near children and a store that carries almost anything a child could ever want, except a real horse. Mom and dad can also use the comprehensive geo-location map to find trusted trainers, instructors and locations to inquire more about a real horse experience. Take Me Riding came to life from a comprehensive research project led by AQHA and an advisory board of industry leaders from the American Youth Horse Council, Certified Horsemanship Association, Cooperative Extension Equine Specialists, The United States Pony Clubs Inc. and Wagonhound Land and Livestock. This team assisted in determining where the deficiencies existed in membership and participation, how to engage with a younger audience and what new products should be considered to maximize the engagement potential. The goal of Take Me Riding is to introduce kids to horses and horseback riding through modern, interactive media. Share Take Me Riding and The Name Game with the horse-crazy kids in your life!