The Stomach to Win

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AQHA Corporate Partner Merial, with contributions from Camille Graupman, AQHA Digital Marketing Intern.

Put your horse’s health and well being first by regularly screening them for ulcers and using ULCERGARD and GASTROGARD for your go-to ulcer remedy and prevention. Merial photo.

Equine stomach ulcers can be a simple diagnosis with major repercussions. Stressors like limited turnout or grazing, travel, competition or even a change in horses’ daily routine can increase their chances of developing stomach ulcers.

In today’s equine industry, horses are arguably more active than ever. The demands of competition and performance events can weigh on their health, and it’s up to horse owners to make sure that their horse’s health and well-being is at the forefront of their priorities.

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Our friends at Merial have gone straight to the source of some of the equine world’s most successful competitors and trainers to get their take on what ULCERGARD® and GASTROGARD® has done for them and their horses.

Trainer’s Testimonial: The Stomach to Win

This video will explore the passion, experiences, and real testimonials that have come from the only FDA-approved medication on the market to prevent and treat equine stomach ulcers.

Don’t just take our word for it; take a look at what these top competitors and trainers had to say about these products:

AQHA Professional Horseman Jim Searles, Scottsdale, Arizona:

“Without GASTROGARD or ULCERGARD I believe it would be a difference between being on top or not, and it’s definitely a part of our championship runs.”

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Paula Pray, Louisburg, Kansas:

“They are a remedy and a game changer when they’re administered correctly, and you can see the difference in [horses] as their ulcers heal.”

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AQHA Professional Horseman Robin Frid, Denton, Texas:

“GASTROGARD is the product that we use to treat the ulcers in our horses. Ulcergard is the product that we use as a preventative measure. The FDA approval on ULCERGARD and GASTROGARD means to me that it has gone through rigorous tests”

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Kristin Pokluda, Whitesboro, Texas:

“I’ve always been involved with horses – it’s like having your own child. And when you have the medicine that works, your horse performs a lot better – It makes me feel better as a trainer telling my customers, use this product and it will help your horse.”

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